The northern gate of Catalima City

The Cataliman Empire is a great and powerful nation which dominates sea trade around its coasts and some neighboring coasts. Boasting the largest navy in the world their ships can be found in nearly any port on Naboria. Ruled by Emperor Carlo the IV from Catalima City, dragon riders serve the emperor as his knights and enforcers. Catalima is an empire of corruption and domination. However, the common folk are generally left to their own devices in settlements with relaxed laws that encourage ambition and rivalry. It is a place where mercantile guilds and rival houses exchange leadership and allegiances with those that will grow their reputation and coffers.

Major Cities

Catalima City – Capital

Aguera, Cesari, Carolina, Fuerte Castarilla, Maximus, Port Roi, Saldona, Virgena, Almeida (Kingdom of Ilmergo), Cortanegro (Kingdom of Ilmergo), Delgada (Kingdom of Ilmergo)


Predominant Race:


Common Races: 

Aasimar, Changeling, Dhampir, Fetchling, Tiefling

Rare Races: 

Dragonborn, Bugbear, Gnoll, Goblin, Half Elves, Half Orc, Hobgoblin, Kobold, Orc, Shadow Tribe, Yuan-ti Purebreed


Cataliman Pantheon:

Seturn (LN Sky Father God), Duadni (NN Earth Mother Goddess), Nesepin (CN Sea God), Thanek (LE Death God), Anana (NG Wisdom and Arts Goddess), Matyrin (CE War God), Polyon (CG Prophecy and Music God), Bestin (CG Love and Healing Goddess), Metrinyne (CN Messenger and Magic God), Oan (LG Sun God), Saurine (NE Trickster God), Seline (NG Moon Goddess)

Others Gods:

All Father (LG Monotheistic Deity of the Kingdom of Ilmergo), Mershaulk (CE Yuan-ti God), Tiamat (CE Dragon Goddess)


Day of Black – Late winter day celebrating the return of the empire

Bestine’s Grace – 2 weeks after the Spring Equinox; a three day celebration of uninhibited divine intimacy and feasting

Day of High Praise (Kingdom of Ilmergo) – falls after the Spring Equinox by about 3 weeks, it is a day for worship of the High Father and his messengers (the clergy)

Matrin’s Oath – 2 weeks after the Summer Solstice they revere the god of war with gladiator games, they celebrate in order to appease him from sending invaders

Feast of St. Thomasino (Kingdom of Ilmergo) – a summer celebration of St. Thomas who is known as a Dragonslayer

Seline’s Mystery – Midsummer night holiday revering the huntress celebrated by her female worshipers who hunt unclad at night under her full light

Thanek’s Gaze – happens on the Night of the Red Eye after the Fall Equinox, it is a day that the souls of the dead can return to speak with the living to deliver portents from the afterlife

Diablo Nocti (Kingdom of Ilmergo) – on the Night of the Red Eye, Ilmergan’s huddle in churches for midnight masses to pray for a safe passing of the deadly night

Mershaulk’s Eye – Night of the Red Eye in the fall, the only night the Yuan-ti celebrate as their power is increased

Metrinyne’s Favor – occurs near the Winter Solstice, Cataliman’s gamble as a gift to those they lose to, it is a day of luck

Celebration of Holy Union (Kingdom of Ilmergo) – a week long summer feast where they celebrate a union with the faithful of the One True God in Rumidan. Often the leader of both faiths will meet in either Cortanegro or Rhyat (changes every year) to host the festivities and hold discussions of faith and cultural relations

Shepherd’s Day (Kingdom of Ilmergo) – a winter holiday celebrating the coming of the One True God who shepherds the meek to the 7 heavens, it is on the Winter Solstice and is common for presents to be exchanged with libations of peace

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